“Welcome to the Empire’s most anticipated television event! A season-long contest that combines the spectacular action of The Games with the up close and personal drama of a Reality show. Thirty contestants have been chosen – from young hopefuls looking for a career in the Games to hardened criminals desperate to escape execution. Together they try to survive on an island teeming with deadly monsters. Only one team can go on to face the final challenge – will they survive?

Find out this season on Total Drama Dungeon!” -DJ Clean

Imagine a tongue-in-cheek version of a reality show (ala Total Drama Action), taking place in the world of X-Crawl and using the Iron Heroes system. Over the course of a full “season” a group of untested adventurers will face the challenges of the Isle of Dread – an idea that started with DJ Herobane’s dream of running an actual campaign but through the vagaries of politics somehow wound up in the hands of a rival.

Total Drama Dungeon!