North American Empire

The North American Empire is the dominant human nation in North America and one of the Great Powers of the modern world.


The NAE consists of a central area of 23 Districts, as well as an expanding network of territories. The Central Districts are securely held and relatively stable, and represent the bulk of industry and culture in the NAE. This area stretches from Hudson Bay in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south, and from the Atlantic coast at the east to the Mississippi River to the west. By comparison, the frontier territories are very unstable – while they offer a wealth of opportunity both to the Empire and to their residents, they are also constantly faced with danger.

The 23 Central Districts are: Ontario, Quebec, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Carolina, Virginia, Columbia, Iroquois, New Netherlands, New England, Maine, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Labrador.

The territories are under constant physical and political change. The Western frontier, divided into Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texarkana, Kansas and Nebraska territories, are politically stable and highly valuable as the breadbasket of the Empire, but under constant threat of invasion since the Great Incursion. In these areas, lawlessness abounds and the Legions are hard pressed to control bandits and monsters while standing guard against the threat from the West.

California, Washington and Oregon territories are mostly stable and highly rich in resources, but their distance from the Imperial heartland has created strong local resistance to Imperial rule and made it difficult for the Emperor to enforce his will effectively there. The Pacific territories exist as semi-autonomous republics under the formal administration of the NAE.

The Empire has also claimed limited territory among the islands of the Caribbean, the rugged badlands of the Dakota territory, and former lands of Azteca and New Spain.


North American Empire

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