North America

One of two large continents in the New World, connected via a thin land bridge.


Nations and Cultures

  • The largest nation of surface dwellers is the mostly-human North American Empire, stretching from the Atlantic to the Mississippi and claiming significant territory beyond.
  • Elves have built self-supporting colonies in out of the way places throughout the continent. Their largest settlements are Sylva’tir, located in the vast forest of Penn’s Wood, and Aura’tir, a coastal settlement among the giant sequoia of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Dwarves tend to develop independent colonies based on clan affiliations. Notable Dwarven settlements are the Copper Kingdom, the beseiged Kingdom of Telluride and the heavily industrialized Wheeling Company Settlement. *The Treaty of Telluride, which formally ended the Great Incursion, specified land both on the surface and within the Underdark to be ceded to the Ogrekin. These settlements have developed into Ork City 1 and Ork City 2.
  • New Spain was a former rival to the NAE, but collapsed during the Great Incursion. Many surviving settlements are quickly being assimilated into the NAE.
  • Azteca is the most powerful surviving pre-colonial power, but has been battered by constant warfare – first with New Spain, then during the Great Incursion and now by invading settlers from the NAE.
  • Numerous other pre-colonial human cultures still exist, but most are small settlements or scattered nomadic bands.
  • There are rumors of a growing Messianic settlement in western lands abandoned by the Empire during the Incursion.
  • The cultures and creatures inhabiting the Underdark are still mostly unknown. Humanity has had direct conflict with Goblins and the Alfar, but many more cultures could exist beneath the surface.


  • Thriving pre-colonial civilizations… (assume similar to RW, but Pueblo & Apache affected by presence of the Maw & Eastern peoples raided by Goblins in Appalachia)
  • Discovery by Europeans… (somewhat similar to RW, but colonization slower)
  • Revolution – NAE breaks away from Imperial successor states during a European conflict. Spain sides with NAE, limited war but Europe not able to supply sufficient troops to quell revolt. Lord Washington crowned Emperor George I, but New Spain remains under control of Spanish crown.
  • Expansion & Spanish campaigns – limited conflict between NAE & New Spain, major war between New Spain & Azteca. NAE focuses expansion westward.
  • Great Incursion – forces of the Underdark launch surprise invasion of surface world. Massive casualties, NAE loses much territory. New Spain collapses, Azteca severely weakened as well. Simultaneous invasions in Europe, Africa & Asia as well.
  • Ork revolt – Orks & Ogrekin defect from alliance, reveal Alfar to surface powers. War becomes three way struggle, with Ogrekin focused on creating their own homeland.
  • Treaty of Telluride ends war. Surface world rebuilding, new relations.
  • Cold War – uneasy peace with Alfar, constant alertness for the next conflict.

North America

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