Johannes Kaeppler

Johannes Kaeppler [2325-?] was one of the foremost archmages of the Age of Discovery. Born to a powerful Guild Arcanum family, his grandfather was the administrator of an Imperial Free City. Though sickly at borth he was considered a great prodigy, and his mother oversaw his tutelage in all matter of magical arts.

As a young man, Kaeppler joined the noted Guild Academy at Tubingen, where he excelled in philosophy, mathematics, divination and conjuration. His discourses in natural philosophy amazed even his professors, and he quickly rose through the ranks to graduate early and accept a position as a professor and researcher at Graz, where his groundbreaking treatises formed the basis for much of modern arcane theory.

At the same time, his mother Katharina rose to become a prominent Guild Pontifex and groomed him as her apparent successor. In 2481 Katharina was appointed to the North American Guild. Johannes traveled with her to the New World, where at the prompting of young Benjamin Franklin he settled in Philadelphia and founded the Iungere School. However by 2509 Johannes’ fortune had turned for the worse. His mother’s political rivals had accused their family of dark necromantic practices and several relatives in the Germanies were burned at the stake. When his mother was arrested Johannes hire mercenaries and made a doomed attempt at rescue. Facing the arcane might of the [[Guild Inquisitors], all of his hirelings were killed and Kaeppler fled.

In 2483 Katharina was convicted of witchcraft and heresy, and was burned at the stake. Johannes Kaeppler refused to submit to interrogation. Instead he retired to the Isle of Dread, where he built a stronghold and lived out the rest of his days as a hermit and researcher. The exact date of Kaeppler’s death is unknown, however he is known to have lived until at least 2578, making him over 250 years old at the time of his death.

Johannes Kaeppler

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