Isle of Dread


An island of the West Indies located just north of Barbados. This island was never permanently settled by humans; the first colony attempt was driven off by indigenous kobold tribes and other hostile wildlife. Soon after the island became the stronghold of the renegade mage Johannes Kaeppler, who drove off vessels who ventured too close. As time went on the wizard’s direct appearances became fewer, but his fearsome reputation continued to keep away most intruders. There is no record of when (or whether) Kaeppler died, but at some point the outskirts of the island became a haven for pirates, bandits and other criminals, though excursions to the interior were rare. Most who did venture inland either never returned. Those who did come back related tales of horror.

Once the Great Incursion started, the focus of the North American Empire turned permanently westward, and little attention was spent towards this relatively insignificant island. Occasional pirate raids are a nuisance, but there does not appear to be any connection point between this island and the Underdark. The potential losses of a campaign against well-entrenched natives and unknown magical defenses outweigh what is thought to be at best minor glory and spoils.

Geography and Climate

The Isle of Dread is roughly 40 mi. north to south and 20 mi. east to west. The southern and eastern shores of the island are protected from the rough waters of the Atlantic by extensive coral reefs, which make for a perfect haven for ships that can navigate through them. The northern half of the island is mountainous, and dominated by the massive cauldron of a long-extinct volcano. Within this cauldron is a lake and, according to some rumors, an island as well.

The entire area is tropical, with heavy rainfall throughout the year. The southern flatlands are tropical rainforest throughout, with areas of salt marsh near the shores. A few of the northern peaks rise high enough to be snowcapped.

Isle of Dread

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