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Thirty contestants have been chosen to start. They range from from young hopefuls looking for a career in the Games to hardened criminals desperate to escape execution. Together they will try to survive on an island teeming with deadly monsters. But this is X-Crawl, and death waits around every corner.

The Rules (OOC)

  • Each player will create at least one character for the campaign. Given the very strong possibility of character death, players have the option of creating a “stable” of contestant characters. The maximum size of your stable will be determined by the GM based on how many players we have and your own experience as a player. Characters in a stable are expected to be unique and independent characters, but are not barred from reasonably cooperating with each other or even from conspiring against other characters.
  • Characters will all be created at first level, using the rules from the Iron Heroes main rulebook and Player’s Companion.
  • Mojo, Fame, Grandstanding and Signature Moves will be integrated in from X-Crawl rules. However, no characters start with Mojo, Fame or Signature Moves. I do recommend taking the Performance skill in order to play to the camera.
  • It is possible to play a demi-human race (Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes and Orcs). Instead of using the normal demi-human templates, choose two starting traits for your non-human character to represent their heritage and culture. Any single power or feature that is part of your normal racial package can be taken as an initial trait or added later as a racial feat.
  • As is normal in the Iron Heroes system, true magical items are exceedingly rare and dangerous. None may be taken during character creation and very few are likely to cross your path. Alchemical items are available normally, and a limited selection of [[techno-arcane enchantments]] may be available.
  • Characters may be removed from the campaign by death or at the ruling of the DJ. Additionally, in the event that an Elimination Event results in zero casualties, an election may be held by the losing team to eliminate one of their own team members. In the event that all of a player’s stable are killed or otherwise eliminated, a player may take over the role of an NPC contestant.
  • Characters can come from a variety of backgrounds, but must have some plausible reason for either volunteering for or being sentenced to participate in the Crawl. Selfish characters, backstabbing and intra-party conflict is not only acceptable, but encouraged. This is a reality show, after all! Keep in mind that the acceptable level of darkness may be subject to change depending on the presence of children players.


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