"The Chef"

Celebrity monster, humanoid wrangler and occasional co-host


Fans of The Games love recurring villains, and trolls seem perfectly suited for the role. Monstrous enough to terrify the audience. Powerful and aggressive enough to stand toe to toe with champions, even at the pro level. And regeneration means that they can survive even a losing encounter and be back for the next Crawl.

“The Chef” is DJ Clean’s signature villain and general assistant. Within the Crawl he is a brutal killer, wielding a gory, oversized cleaver and claiming the body of any champion he dispatches as meat for his cauldron. Chef is a great showman of a heel, always taking the chance to play to the audience and relish in the crowd’s reaction. He is also a clever and experienced combatant, used to taking on professional crawlers. By himself he is a match for an inexperienced team, and with a group of minions he can pose a threat to the most elite players.

Off the field, Chef serves as DJ Clean’s general assistant, bodyguard and sergeant-at-arms. He is a strict drillmaster and insists on daily combat training for all humanoid forces serving in one of DJ Clean’s crawls. He also delights in any occasion to appear on camera, and appears occasionally as a monster interviewer for INN’s pre-show coverage.

"The Chef"

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